Frequently Asked Questions

How many flats should i visit before selecting one ?

That truly depends from individual to individual. You should visit the same number of homes as it takes to support you and your family feel fulfilled to pick the one you at last settle upon. On a normal, purchasers in the market for the most part observe a normal of 6-8 homes before picking one.Clear your exact requirement with your agent about your inclinations, different preferences so exact homes coordinating your inclinations can be appeared to you subsequently.

How do i make a initial offer?

To calculate your initial offer, your initial offer ,you can take guidance from your real estate agent but of course it is your own instinct that will finally decide what you think is a fair price for the home that you plan to own. To calculate the offer price , you must keep several factors in mind:

*The price that homes like yours typically sold in that area.

*The condition of the home.

*How long the home has been on the market. 

*Financing terms .

*Seller’s Situation. 

This is also a good time ti hire a due diligence expert / private investigator who can probe all financial and legal matters pertaining to the title and ownership rights of the property and also find out whether the home has any ongoing legal dispute or whether the developer has flouted any environmental or legal policy which could embroil the property in a future legal problems . By the time you are ready to make a offer you must have a good idea of what the home is worth and what you can afford to pay for it. Also a bit of give-and-take negotiation is fair game and is common when buying a home . The buyers and sellers usually go back and forth until they can agree on a final price. 


How should i make offer?

When you have selected a particular home, our realtor will help you in making an idea to the Developer/Seller which will incorporate the accompanying data:

  • Amount of Earnest Money to be deposited
  • Down Payment and financing details
  • Proposed Moving-in Date
  • Price you are offering
  • Proposed Closing Date
  • Duration of Time the offer is valid
  • Details of the Deal
  • Complete Legal description of the property.                 Do remember that a successful sale depends on the negotiation of a satisfactory contract with the seller and is not wholly dependent on only your own offer
how much commission do you charge ?

The following are our terms and condition for commission or brokerage fees :

(1)Where we act on behalf of both the buyer and the seller , commission at the rate of 1% shall be paid to us by each party. 

(2) Before we start showing you homes, our real estate agent will discuss our terms and conditions with you and only if you are comfortable with our terms shall we proceed with the showing of properties . 

Am I ready to rent?

Its totally depend upon seller’s financial conditions if you want a steady and stable income then you must rent out your flat . 

What should I offer?

Apart from comparing the homes that you are in the process of shortlisting with your ideal minimum criteria and wish lists, you should also consider the following check points:

Is there enough room for the present and the future as your family grows?

Are there enough bedrooms and bathrooms?

Is the home pleasant, airy and has ample natural light?

Do the pre-installed mechanical and electronics systems and appliances work?

Do you like the floor plan?

Will your furniture fit in the space? Is there enough storage space for all your needs?

Imagine the home in day and night, in good and bad weather. Will you feel happy and secure inside round the year?

Are the property related legal documents clean and clear?

Have you done due diligence on the property?

Carefully consider each and every home that you inspect and ask your real estate agent to highlight the pros and cons of each home from a professional and legal standpoint.


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